Warranty Policy

We stand behind our prescription, if you happen to have any adaption difficulties to your new prescription, we will review it and recheck your vision at no additional charge.

All products purchased from Shettle Family Eye Care & Eye Wear are obtained from the most highly regarded companies in the optical industry. As an expression of our confidence in these vendors and our products, Shettle Family Eye Care & Eye Wear offers the following warranties:

Eye Wear/Frame Policy

We offer a 12-month warranty for eyeglass frames against manufacturer defects. This does not apply to normal wear and tear or abuse of the product. This warranty also does not cover loss, theft, or industrial safety eye wear abuse. Any further replacements are done at 50% of the retail cost. Please keep in mind, there is no better protection for your eye wear than proper care and handling.  Our dedicated optical team are experts at describing the best ways to care for your new eye wear purchase.

Eye Wear/Lens Policy

Please follow recommended procedures for care and cleaning your eyeglass lenses. One year eyeglass lens warranty according to material and lens treatments. Replacement of plastic lenses purchased with front and back surface scratch resistant coating is limited to once in a 12-month period. Any further replacements are done at 50% of retail cost. Lens replacement must be in the original prescription. This warranty does not cover loss or theft.

Complimentary Adjustments/Repairs

Over time, your glasses will get out of alignment. Please come by our office any time during office hours to have them readjusted and cleaned. We offer most repairs free of charge.

Contact Lens Policy

Contact Lens Prescriptions – Contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year for the lenses specified. The contact lens evaluation fee includes; testing performed to determine if your eyes are in the proper condition for contact lens wear, determination of the type, curvature, diameter and power of your contacts, diagnostic lenses as necessary, and one month of contact lens related Follow Up visits. Comprehensive eye examinations can be upgraded to include contact lenses within 90 days for an additional charge.

The Disposable Guarantee – We offer free diagnostic contact lenses for disposable or frequently replaced lenses during our fitting period to ensure proper fit, vision and comfort. We encourage at least one follow up visit to verify that the contact lens prescription is as precise as possible. If we need to adjust the prescription at the follow up evaluation, we will provide you with an additional diagnostic lens at no extra charge.