Surgical Evaluation / Management

Dr. Scott Shettle is trained and experienced to co-manage your pre- and post-operative eye surgery care. Because we are an independent optometric practice, we have the ability to pick and work with the finest surgeons in the area and can help you make an informed decision in choosing an eye surgeon. He is able to provide you with an objective opinion on whether you are a good candidate for surgical procedures, including refractive surgeries such as; LASIK, PRK, ICL or refractive lens exchange.

Surgical Co-Management Include:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Pterygium
  • Eyelid Surgery

LASIK Consultation

Corrective Vision Surgery is an alternative for those patients who wish to be free from glasses and/or contacts lenses. The Laser Assisted In-situ Keratomileusis, commonly known as the Lasik for corneal treatments, is a well accepted, safe and effective surgical procedure that intends to reduce refractive errors in human eyes by changing the shape of the cornea and thus its focusing power.

Dr. Scott Shettle is able to evaluate patients who wish to explore this option. He will explain the latest surgeries and procedures available, as well as determine if you are a candidate for laser vision correction. Learning everything you can about your LASIK options is the key to making an informed decision. Dr. Scott Shettle will help you understand what results you can reasonably expect after the procedure given your particular prescription and circumstances.